Today I  remembered what it was like working on old cars. The supplier will not have the right part and things will always break or bolts will shear. I am lucky enough to have been working in the garage of a friend and so I had access to all the tools needed and to a master mechanic to give advice or even take over when needed. We were going to change the windshield washer pump of a Toyota Camry vintage 1990. One must go in through the wheel well to access the washer tank and pump. Three of the machine screws holding the fender skirt in broke while removing it. Once we were able to get at the tank and remove the pump we found that the part which had been special ordered was not compatible. I buttoned everything back up lowered the car back to the ground then went to change the drivers side head light bulb. To change the bulb one must remove the battery hold down and the coolant overflow bottle to get at the bulb. This is where the bolt sheared and my friend drilled it out and tapped the thread for another bolt. I will have the new part next week and will compare it to the original. I will also check the circuit to see if the problem is acutally the pump rather than the switch. Oh the joys.


Its a start.

I am totally new to blogging and in reality I am trying to learn WordPress and Scribefire to help my partner who is the real writer in the family. So this attempt is using Scribefire as my editor. I will be experimenting with layout in later posts.